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A Warm Welcome

All Saints is a family church which draws on a variety of traditions in its worship. At All Saints we recognise that we are all on a journey together, seeking to be in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ in all that we do…..

Why not join us on that journey, and discover the amazing love that God has for each one of us.

We look forward to welcoming you to All Saints.

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Rev. Rachael Hawkins, Minister




Services in Holy Week



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Numbers in church are still restricted, so please contact Liz Terrett if you wish to be in church for the Maundy Thursday or Easter Day services.



At present, the Tuesday morning Eucharist services are suspended.



Palm Sunday


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Compline (Night Prayer)


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Maundy Thursday


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Good Friday


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week 1


The first of a number of ‘planks’ that will be appearing in front of church during Lent as we reflect on what Lent and our faith might mean to us.


week 2

This week sees our second plank in the All Saints’ garden.
“This Sunday the word ‘Hope’ will appear and the picture of a rainbow inspired by the Old Testament reading from Genesis and the story of Noah. The rainbow was a sign of the Covenant between God, Noah and all his descendants that never again would there be a flood to destroy the earth. It was a new start for the world, an opportunity for things to be better. A moment of hope.”

week 3


This week’s plank – Faith.

Sunday’s readings reminded us of the faith of Abraham and the faith that we can have in God, who tells us to take up our cross and follow and that whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but that those who lose their life for his sake, will save it.


week 4


This week’s plank is ‘Justice’.

What does the word justice mean to you?

For many of us we may think of a pair of scales, as featured on the front of many criminal courts, but somehow I wasn’t sure that a pair of scales communicated the image of justice that I have when I think of God. The word grace came into my mind and I began thinking about God giving generously without weighing or measuring. The picture this week is therefore a broken chain. A depiction of the freedom that God’s justice can bring. Time and again, the Bible tells us that God loves justice, and when justice combines with grace, then we have chains broken, lives changed and the kingdom of God at work in this world.


week 5

On Mothering Sunday weekend, this week’s plank features the word ‘Compassion’.
The word came to mind for this Sunday because I think that compassion is a big part of mothering. I use the word ‘mothering’ deliberately. For many this is a day when they rightly celebrate their mothers, but for others the day brings with it painful thoughts. Some have not been able to be mothers, some have lost their mothers, some did not have good mothers, and so ‘Mother’s Day’ can be difficult. Yet I hope that all of us have received mothering from someone, male or female, old or young, people who have shown us compassion, care, guidance, love. Its that care that I think we can celebrate this weekend. Who are you giving thanks for this Mothering Sunday?

week 6

This week’s plank features the word ‘Sacrifice’.
Tuesday marks the anniversary of the first lockdown. Over this last year, many of us have made many sacrifices because of the restrictions that have been on our lives. We have sacrificed our freedom, our contact with friends and loved ones, our opportunities to work and many more. It has been hard, but we have also known that through our sacrifice good will come. The lockdowns have seen numbers of cases falling, less deaths and fewer hospital admissions.
On Passion Sunday we have an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross and all that that meant for us and for the world. Jesus knew that as he entered into the darkness of his arrest and crucifixion it would be difficult, but he also knew that from his death would come life.
As we approach Holy Week and Easter, we are reminded that Jesus’ death on the cross offers hope and new life to each one of us whenever and wherever we are. It is a precious gift, given through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and its a gift that will be there for us through good times and bad.


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