Styles & Patterns of Worship | All Saints Berkhamsted

The Church of All Saints Church, Berkhamsted

Styles & Patterns of Worship

All Saints is a church community which draws on a variety of traditions in its worship. Formally we are an Anglican/Methodist Local Ecumenical Partnership, but our congregation comes from a variety of backgrounds as together we aim to love God and love our neighbour.

 Liturgy & Music

Our liturgy may be drawn from Common Worship, the Methodist Worship Book, Iona-style worship etc. Our main hymn book is Singing the Faith which contains a mixture of traditional and modern hymns. Music is provided by organ, or by grand piano. Sometimes the children provide lively accompaniment from a variety of percussion instruments. Our unrobed choir sings on special occasions, and members of the choir support the congregation on Sunday mornings.

 Service Times

Our main service on a Sunday is at 10am and lasts for about an hour. This will either be a service of Holy Communion or Morning Worship. In a four-Sunday month, there will usually be two services of Holy Communion and two of Morning Worship, but not necessarily alternately. These services may be led by Revd Rachael, our Methodist Minister, or at other times by an Anglican Priest, a Local Preacher or a Reader.

Services on certain Sundays include 8am Holy Communion, 4pm Messy Church or 4pm Service of Wholeness and Healing. Other services are held to mark the major festivals.

Details of all our services appear on our notice boards, in our bi-monthly newsletter, and in our online calendar.

 Children & Young People

There is a special area for young children and their parents towards the front of the church with specially chosen books, toys and activities, designed to be comfortable and welcoming, but there is no obligation to use it. Children in our Explorer and Pathfinder groups are generally with us in church for a little while at the start of a Morning Worship service before they leave for their own activities in the halls, but when there is a Holy Communion service they start their own activities first and then come into church in time for the Prayer of Thanksgiving.