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All Saints is a family church which draws on a variety of traditions in its worship. At All Saints we recognise that we are all on a journey together, seeking to be in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ in all that we do…..

Why not join us on that journey, and discover the amazing love that God has for each one of us.

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Sunday 18 April 2021

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So have you been shopping this week? Perhaps more important – have you been to the hairdressers or barbers yet?  I know a few people had got their appointments booked as soon as they could!

It feels strange to walk along the High St and see all the shops open again. I’d got used to window shopping, but I also know how difficult it has been for the small business owners and the lack of income they have had to deal with over the past few months. For some it has inspired new and creative ways to keep their businesses going.  Although some people will have been keen to get shopping again, some will be reluctant, uncertain of what crowds there will be, what safety precautions are in place.  It is going to be a strange time over the next few months as life changes once again. Hopefully restrictions will continue to ease, but whatever happens, I think we can pretty much guarantee that we will be experiencing more change; changes that will affect our lives quite significantly. It was Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, who said  “the only thing that is constant is change”.

In this week’s Gospel passage from Luke, we continue to read about the day of Jesus’ resurrection.  In the passage two travellers who have met with Jesus on the road to Emmaus have returned to Jerusalem. They are telling the other disciples about what has happened when Jesus appears among them. They’ve not even had time to grieve his death, are now trying to process the news about what happened on the road to Emmaus and now have Jesus right in front of them.  Luke writes ‘while in their joy they were disbelieving’.  I love that phrase, you can almost feel the disciples’ confusion.  Many of us find change difficult – this must have been a lot for them to deal with!

We are not told how quickly what happened took to sink in – certainly by the end of the passage (and the end of Luke’s Gospel) we’re told that the disciples were continually in the temple blessing God, but it can’t have been easy for them – it was a lot to take in all at once, even though it was the best news they could ever have. It’s a reminder to me that we need to continue to be kind to ourselves over the next few months. We have all gone through a lot of change and that can take time. Some may be quicker to adjust than others, but we need to keep an eye out and help each other, encouraging and supporting each other. I know you have all been keeping in touch with each other in many different ways, let’s not lose that, but keep caring, praying and supporting as we move forward together.




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