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I am a Diocesan Lay Minister.  I edit the Newsletter, do posters, prayers for streets and other designy bits, I am even helping with this website. It is all great and keeps me involved as I am housebound. Chris


I serve as a Church Steward

and have been doing this for

a couple of years. Penny


If you would like to get involved  speak to one of the stewards on Sunday morning, or call Rachael, or email Chris. Contact us page



Flowers - this is a lovely task because we normally take a vase ready. When we've placed the vase we sit down to look at it in the silence and say a little prayer and you can really feel the peace. Cecilia and Andrew


I am Choir Leader for the church's occasional choir, which seeks to add colour and seasoning to the big festivals of the church year. Tim

I enjoy helping with Chuckles Toddler Group because it's a wonderful 'outreach' opportunity, much appreciated by our lovely "customers" - and it keeps me fit!  Pat


I am on the church cleaning rota. It feels good when I leave and the church is a bit sparkly.  Anna

We are Pastoral Co-ordinators because we enjoy meeting people. Jean and Ray

I sing bass part in the joint church choir - sometimes on my own, which is not good news for the other parts. Chris.



As a member of the Pastoral Team, my aim is to get to know and care for our Church Family - and encourage others to do the same. Pat

 I am a Local Preacher - I find it a great privilege to lead worship; it's one of the most rewarding

and challenging and worthwhile things I do. Ruth

Readings - this is probably the thing I enjoy most because I love Bible readings  but only if I can manage to detach myself from everything else and really visualise what I'm reading.  There is an element of shyness that has to be overcome (yes, even in me!) but once that's done, it can be quite nice. Cecilia

I occasionally operate the 'sound box' and record services for the house bound. (This is okay as long as the person wearing the radio microphone has turned it on!) Chris

I arrange Country Walks.  It provides an ideal opportunity to meet up socially and enjoy the wonderful countryside around us followed by a pub lunch. Eddie

I enjoy doing a reading on a Sunday as it's good to feel a part of things and my daughters actually look as if they are listening to what Dad is saying. Simon

I like doing Door Duty as it gives me an opportunity to welcome newcomers as well as "regulars". Pat


I do the coffee rota. It's important to provide opportunities for socialising. Sylvia Banks

Chalice - I have always had mixed feelings about this because I've never felt worthy of doing it but I worked around it by saying to myself that it is a form of serving your brothers and sisters.  Cecilia

Stewarding: we enjoy  being part of the Church family. Jean and Ray

I am Cradle Roll Secretary. I organise the coffee mornings. I also present baptism certificates at the services which I really enjoy. Jo  


Preparing for communion on a late summer or winter's evening, the sanctuary lamp, the only light in the church and complete silence brings peace and aloneness without loneliness. Felicity

I am Treasurer of the account which receives all collection moneys and  pays the stipend of the minister and maintains the manse. David

I help with Explorers.  We all work as a team.  I enjoy working with the older children and am planning to stay with them as they move on up to Pathfinders next year. Jo


I am a Circuit Steward:  individual Methodist Churches

are linked to others in the area within a 'Circuit'.  The Circuit Stewards, drawn from the local churches, are Trustees for all property and finance of the Circuit and work with the ministers to shape the overall policy and working of the circuit.  Kate

I am one of two catering representatives.  I think I was chosen to do this because I am a generally a good organiser.  (Some people think I am bossy!)  The job has nothing to do with cookery skills; its mainly about encouraging other people to contribute to events in our Church which involve eating.   Gill I sometimes help with cashiering. Great sense of relief when the books balance. Fitz

Door duty - you do get a chance to say hello to everyone! Cecilia

I am an Anglican Reader who has been involved with All Saints' for some years. Apart from taking services, I run a number of 'Emmaus' training courses designed for people enquiring about the Christian faith, those seeking Confirmation and also for established Christians who want to brush-up on their faith. John
I am part of the area pastoral team. I like visiting people, having a chat and a cup of tea. Marilyn.

I deliver prayer cards - a wonderful opportunity to discover the houses with the best views in town and to get inspiration for next season's plantings. Felicity

I organise music for worship (choir, organists' rota) and occasionally play, which I love doing. I would love us to use other instruments and to have more singers in the choir. Ruth

I deliver Prayer for Streets Cards which help reach out to our community. This gives me a chance to see some delightful gardens. Ruth

I help our  Newsletter editor with proof reading of various sorts - so I get to read the newsletter before  everyone else! Ruth


I convene the 'Buildings Committee' and co-ordinate maintenance work on the premises - an interesting job that can absorb a lot of time.  Chris

I helped with the website. It was fun and I got to exercise my computer muscle. Christopher  I work with the Pastoral Leadership Team and all our co-ordinators to help provide as good a system of pastoral care as we can to every member of our congregation. Ruth As an Anglican Reader  one of the things I do is to take services at All Saints.  They are a great congregation so I really enjoy doing this. I also read and do the intercession prayers.  I am also very much involved with Chuckles toddler group and do a service for them every other week. Jenny
I enjoy sharing in the devotional tasks in worship like reading, chalice and intercession prayers. Occasionally I do rewarding practical tasks; delivering prayer cards, coffee, flowers and cleaning. Viv



I am volunteer cashier and help to count the Sunday offering. This can take a lot of time when the figures cannot be made to add up! Chris


I helped build this website.  I enjoyed experimenting with different formats and fonts. Anna

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All Saints' Church




Tracy Robinson valiantly grapples with the intricacies of the spreadsheet for the rota for some of these jobs.  She would be pleased to have more volunteers.



I am in the process of taking photographs of the congregation for our notice board. This is sometimes a bit tricky but usually fun. Steve


I am Secretary to the Joint Council, an occasional cashier and I write the Family News section in the newsletter. I also help organise the distribution. Audrey


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